Wild flavor workshop

Wild flavor workshop2018-05-05T21:49:09+00:00

Let your taste pallet work! I have put together many different taste bits which signifies the traditional food from our local forests and lakes. And with my great passion for wild herbs and berries, these will be in focus. Both in form as spices, pastries and beverages.

Let your mind work! With the taste bits you will get an understanding how local people in centuries have used the wild ingredients throughout the year, managed to preserve the food in this climate and get to know which flavors have become the most used and liked. You will also get tips and ideas how you can turn your own favourite plants, fruit and berries into new dishes.

The workshop takes place at my kitchen in Jokkmokk, or in other locations in Swedish Lapland, I will come to you!

2 hours

Minimum 4 – maximum 12 persons

Price 2018 : SEK 690 (in Jokkmokk)   SEK 850 (other locations in Swedish Lapland)