Outside it can be cold and lots of lovely snow, but as you arrive to my small home in Lappstan in Jokkmokk, you will be will be welcomed into the heat. Here I have filled my house with lots of dried, frozen or processed herbs and berries that I pick every season. That is my joy and passion!

I have lots of tins and jars filled with dried birch leaves, labrador tea, bog bilberries, angelica cookies, cloudberry leather-ribbons, nettle seeds, meadowsweet, pine bark bread and much more.

In my freezers (yes, I have several…) you can find arctic char, moose and reindeer meat but mostly frozen bilberries, juices made from dandelion, willow herb flowers, spruce shoots, wild raspberries, seeds from alpine bistort, etc.

You will also help with the production of some herbal and berry products. It could be making syrup, pine shoot salt, berry leather or cookies. And then we sit down, have a cup of coffee or herbal tea and some homemade treats. I hope you will get inspired to take care of treasures back at your home, and get many ideas what to make of it!

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Time: 2 hours

Location: Sirkasgatan 4, Lappstan in Jokkmokk

Minimum 2 – maximum 12 persons

Price:   695 SEK/p
Included: lot’s of taste bites, home made herbal tea or coffee