Forage and taste the Sápmi seasons

Come visit me and my tasteful home-land! From Jokkmokk oldest parts to the kitchen in my home. Learn more about my passion for wild herbs as well as every day life in Jokkmokk. This tour is available all year.

We meet at Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum and then walk to the homestead area in the forest – the oldest part of Jokkmokk – to Lappstan which is a residential area built specifically for reindeer herders in the 50’s.

We will follow the eight seasons in our walk – how does the midwinter taste and feel like, what flavors do I forage in the spring and summer and what treasures can I find in the summer-autumn?

I’ll tell you more about my life in the north as food creator and the local culture. I will explain what grows in the surrounding area, what is traditionally foraged but also what I have learned to forage and turn into food. With my basket filled with taste bits, spices and drinks, I will let you taste the flavors of our nature.

The tour ends at my home with a plate of goodies from Jokkmokk’s wild pantry from autumn time. The activity takes 2.5 hours.

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You are also welcome to contact me by phone or email to set a date and time for a private tour.