What is a food creator?

In my mind, a food creator is someone who wants to take care of local food at the very best ways. Both know about traditions, but likes to be creative and to highlight new ways of preparing food, new flavors and new combinations.

I want to work with the unique flavors of Swedish Lapland and especially the flavors of our wild herbs and berries. And I wish to invite you to my flavor performances filled with inspiration.

2009 and 2010, I joined a one year course about ”Biebmu”, Sami food culture. The Sami Education Centre in Jokkmokk offered for two years this great course with Greta Huuva, the Sami food ambassador, as head teacher. From the syllabus:

After completing the training, you have good knowledge of Sami food and cooking culture, from foraging and knowledge of the basic food to the hands-on cooking. Examples of basic food are reindeer, elk, bird, fish, berries, herbs and plants.


Various preservation methods such as burial, smoking and drying are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on capturing the older generation’s knowledge, and pass these on.

Here our class is a part of the autumn reindeer gathering in Kuorpak, Sirges Sami village. Per Ola Utsi teach us about the art of slaughtering in the best way and with good hygiene.

Greta Huuva and my classmates picks angelica at the river bank.