Arctic taste shows

Arctic taste shows2018-07-19T15:58:13+00:00

Essense of Lapland’s top activity: a show filled with stories, pictures, songs and taste bites with an lots of wild flavors.

Come close to Lapland’s arctic life style in a personal and entertaining way. Held in English or Swedish and in the place and the local you have chosen.

Examples of flavor bits are juice from meadow sweet, birch-flavored bread sticks with pine shoots-dip sauce, dandelion syrup, salt marinated char with mountain sorrel sauce, candied angelica, chocolate pralines with brandy pickled rowan berries …


It is bookable all year. Just contact me by phone or email and we’ll set a date and time!

Summer special: Flavor tour & show in the Alpine Garden

Most Fridays this summer, you are welcome to join the flavor tour & show in Jokkmokk Alpine Garden. Surrounded by beautiful greenery you will enjoy many flavors and get to learn more about traditional and foraged food.

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