A taste for the good life

Experience Jokkmokk and Lapland with all senses by taking part of Essense of Lapland’s flavor performances, guided tours, courses and wild flavor workshops.

All served in a personal, informative and tasty way of food creator and culture guide Eva Gunnare!

Kindhearted, smart, intelligent women keeping the Sami culture alive. Tastiest, and most inventive food of 2017.
(About Njálgge dinner)
Helen Soteriou
We want to thank you Eva for the wonderful impressions by your taste performance. We‘re very glad that we got the chance to meet you. We are deeply impressed. Your presentation has enriched our heart and our senses and lighten our love to Lapland and it’s people.
Thank you for all, again and again!
Lisa & Leoni, Germany
If you visit Jokkmokk be sure to see if you can join in on one of the guided tours with Eva Gunnare – it was such a magical experience, I can’t recommend it enough.
Jeska Hearne, UK
Meeting Eva was one of the funniest and interesting moment of all my shootings in Lapland this last August…I recommend to pay a visit to Eva not only to learn about herbs and culinary activity but also to meet a very joyful person full of positive energy….See you there and thanks Eva.
Angelo Giammarresi, Italy
I really enjoyed the Essense of Lapland performance last Friday. It was something quite different for me and really helped to bring the Lapland culture to life.
Keith, UK
If you take the Essense of Lapland tours you will get a deep understanding and appreciation of how the town fits into the wider scheme of Sami life, the foods and medicines used and the history of the whole area. Eva is a perceptive and knowledgeable guide with a lovely warm and engaging manner.
The tours offered by Eva are highly recommended for anyone visiting Jokkmokk.
Anne Marks, Australia

We loved the 2.5 hours that we spent with Eva. She is such a genuine person with a passion for the environment and the possibilities of the food sources in the forests and meadows of Lapland.

Mr & Mrs Thomson, Australia

Flavor shows are Essense of Lapland’s signature activity for groups: an activity filled with stories, songs, pictures and unique taste bites with lots of wild flavors. Come Lapland nature and culture close on a personal and entertaining way.

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Flavor tours – learn & taste about Lapland’s nature & culture

Come along on a tour with foraged herbs and berries in focus. I bring my basket filled with taste bits for the outdoor nature walk. Indoors I have set the table with more homemade treats. The 2.5 hours is filled with inspiring knowledge and taste experiences from my own discoveries about the nature and culture.

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Treasure hunt in a foragers home

Come home to me and let me show you all my treasures from the wild nature of Jokkmokk. And let’s taste them! A 2 hour experience perfect for cold and dark winter days.

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Together with the Reindeer Herder and Speciality Reindeer Meat Producer Helena Länta we invite you on a journey through the eight seasons, not only through our stories and pictures but also with flavours from the local, grand and clean nature.

Wild plants and free reindeers. Carefully handled and specially processed. Flavours put into their right context and origin. A dining experience for all the senses!

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